GDPR-ready software for physioterapists

Encrypted files - only the final user can see the real aspect

In Geffis, every file users add or software creates is encrypted, so unauthorized persons can’t see the content.

Account block after 10 failed login attempts

Geffis prevents brute force attacks that want to steal your password: the account will be blocked after 10 failed login attemps. Only the admin will be able to restore the blocked account.

Information display about last access

Date and hour of your last login is always displayed, so you can constantly check if someone is using your credentials.

Possibility to see which user has added or edited a specific data

Last user who added, changed or deleted a specific file will always be shown.

APP Double Factor Authentication

Geffis allows double factor authentication. Register your smartphone and then you can choose to authenticate or block each login attempt. You can also register more than one device for the same account.