Data on all business devices with your physioterapy software

Geffis integrates physiotherapy management software records in each business smartphone.

With Geffis, the physiotherapy centre is everywhere at your fingertips: you only need a mobile device (tablet, smartphone or notebook) with any operating system.

A must for polyclinic

The registry feature is useful for all physiotherapists, and it’s a must for those who:

  • have to do home-based therapies, because it allows you to have all your customer’s contact information, even outside the centre
  • works in multiple locations, because it allows you to have all patient’s information in one click.

Useful also onsite

Geffis is a real support in your physiotherapy clinic: the phone book is synchronized to the “YEALINK” telephone switchboard.

Ease, usability and precision

NO INSTALLATION REQUIRED: the centralized directory is synced online to the device, without having to install additional applications

CLINIC PHONEBOOK OFFLINE: data is also available offline

ACCURATE DATA: contact data is acquired directly from the physiotherapy management database

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