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Geffis is already the future

Graphic planning

Graphic planning allows you to organize, schedule and manage appointments, physiotherapists and equipment. Also therapists and patients can link to software to stay up to date on their appointments.

Automatic communications to patients

Geffis warns patients about upcoming appointments using emails, fax or text messages. You can also plan next sendings periodically.

Appointments on your smartphone

Patients and physioherapists can check their appointments on Geffis' mobile App or in your own customized App.

Artificial Intelligence

You can schedule appointments with the automatic system, which suggests you best time-therapy according to your appointments and patient's needs.

From check-in to billing


 Patient’s chart

 Patient’s profile


 Records on each company’s smartphone


 Graphic planner

 Artificial intelligence

 App for the customer

 Scheduling automatic messages


 Manual billings

 Assisted billings

 Automatic billings


software fisioterapia
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What is Geffis?

Geffis is a physioterapy management software developed on a web substructure.
For the last 10 years we have been gathering needs, analyzing all the requirement and implementing the software with the most relevant features for every rehabilitation centre.

  • Cloud Version: You can use Geffis without worries about server and software installation; you just have to pay for it every 4 months and then you can use it, it’s only required a web browser and an internet connection.
  • On-Premises Version: If you have already an internal server or a bad internet connection, we can install Geffis on your own office.
software fisioterapia

Check in and clients management

With Geffis you can manage lists of clients, billing data and patients’ medical information.

  • Address book also on smartphone: You can match Geffis’ contacts with every mobile provider so you can have them anytime and anywhere you want.

Integrated planning

Geffis has an integrated company planning which allows to consult the appointments of everyone, and to use team vision to plan sharing meetings.

Artificial Intelligence

You can easily insert physiotherapy sessions with the suggesting appointment system which combine both free equipment and therapist, and client’s needs.

  • Family Management: Allows you to schedule two or more prescriptions simultaneously (eg, husband and wife) so that appointments are close in time.
  • Time Management Resources: You can associate appointments with operators and/or equipment. For each item, you can specify in which period they’re available for appointments. Geffis also allows you to manage the availability of gyms and swimming pools.
software fisioterapia
software fisioterapia


  • Billing: You can do the patient’s bill whenever you want, before or after the session.
    After the addition of prescription, the management has the supervision of planned, carried out and payed treatments.


Geffis is in compliance with regulation n. 2016/679 better known with the initials GDPR.

Some of the adjustments made are:

  • Encrypted files – only the end user can view their true appearance;
  • Account lockout after 10 failed login attempts;
  • Display information on the last access;
  • Possibility to see which user has inserted or modified a specific data;
  • Double Factor Authentication with APP

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